Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tasty Sunshine Country

This is a post all about food.  As is the case with the consumption of most great dishes, there will be few words.  I'll only mention that, as China is an enormous country, it plays host to a broad range of cuisines.  As a city of 14 million migrants, Shenzhen is a jack of all of these cuisines, but master of none (though it does get pretty darn close sometimes).  I've been saving these for a while, I hope they are as delicious and strange to look at as they were to eat.

    Mini lobster creatures - Xiangmihu Delicious Food Town

    Durian, my food nemesis - Wo Er Ma (Walmart)

    Left: Stomach and peppers - Jenny's Place               Right: My friend Mr. Zhou (Jenny's Place cook) and I

   Seafood lunch extravaganza (salted snails in mid-ground)- Xiaomeisha Beach

   Red Ramen - Hong Kong

   1000 year egg, fish balls, and sweet buns - Dim Sum, Hong Kong

   Calamari, deep-fried eggplant, udon - Tung Ping Chau Island, Hong Kong New Territories

   Freshly harvested peanuts - the ground  (hand model credit: Alison Wicks)

   Chilies roasting in the Yangshuo sun - Yangshuo, Guilin


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Looks just wonderful. I could almost smell it.... what a great place

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